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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing - What is it?
Crystal healing is a form of healing that uses crystals or gemstones. The crystals are mainly placed on specific areas of the body called "chakras." Chakra is a Hindu term meaning spiritual energy. According to this teaching there are seven basic energy centers in the body, each having a color associated with it. Some crystal healers place the same color crystals as the color of the chakras on the person to enhance the flow of energy. Crystals are said to direct the flow of energy to the person in a particular part of the body and bring balance to a person's energy. Ultimately, they are used to cleanse the person from bad or negative energy believed to cause an illness. Clearing out the bad spiritual energy alleviates the physical ailment. Crystals are used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Not only do people visit "crystal healers", in some places, professional nurses are being trained to use crystals for their patients. Additionally, crystals can be worn, placed next to a person's bed as they sleep, and in some cases placed around a person's bath.

Crystal Healing - Who does it & does it really work?
The originator of crystal healing is unknown. However, this practice has been around for centuries. People have used amulets, magical stones, and gems all throughout history (though mainly in the eastern cultures). It is now making its way into the western culture, primarily in the New Age and Occult movements.

Crystal healers argue that it truly works; however, there's no concrete scientific evidence to prove that it truly heals. People say they've been healed and feel better, but these cases are generally limited to personal testimonies. A lot of the scientific world has brushed these testimonies off as a placebo effect, selective thinking, wishful thinking, sympathetic magic, or communal reinforcement.

Crystal healers commonly prefer clear quartz, because of its shape and color. However, since chakras have colors associated with each area, they may place the specific color crystal/gemstone on the same color chakras. The crystals/gemstones are said to have vibration frequencies that are shape induced, interconnecting the earth's and the individual's energy field. The crystal is used to amplify, or realign, human 'psychic' or cosmic energy by directing vibration energy. To maintain the crystal, it's placed in salt water or covered with table salt. Maintaining the crystal helps keeps it clean from "environmental imbalance." It's said that it also needs to be recharged and activated through various methods.

Crystal Healing - What's wrong with it?
Is there anything wrong with crystal healing? While there's nothing inherently wrong with crystals by themselves, there is something wrong when it is used for healing or as a charm to keep you from harm. One issue would be that it could be harmful to your body physically. For instance, if you stopped taking medication prescribed for your illness, because you have placed your faith in crystal healing, you risk dangerous consequences to your health. It can be dangerous spiritually, since this is a practice that calls upon powers to heal that are not from God. People put their hope in a crystal to heal them, or even the "crystal healer", who "channel" and rely on the crystals to teach and heal. Unfortunately, they are relying on spiritual sources for the healing. Even if they claim that they are using the crystal to direct physical energy flow to help bring balance, it is rooted in the spiritual realm, meaning there is some source working behind it. Ultimately, this is considered an occult practice, which God clearly tells us to stay away from.

God doesn't want us to participate with these practices because it draws us away from Him and we begin to trust in spiritual sources other than Him. At its core, crystal healing is a form of mysticism, witchcraft, and occult practices. Jesus never used crystals to heal and it wasn't encouraged anywhere in the Bible. Crystals are talked about in various verses, but not as a form of healing or for energy balance. Instead, these scriptures tell us not to participate in any forms of sorcery, witchcraft, divination, etc… Some scripture references include:

  • Mediums and "Spiritists" (Leviticus 19:31, 20:6; Acts 16:16-21)
  • Astrology (Isaiah 47:13-15)
  • Magic Charms (Ezekiel 13:20ff)
  • Diviner's Wand (Hosea 4:12)
  • Sorcery (Acts 19:19)
  • Witchcraft (Galatians 5:20)
  • Magic Arts (Revelation 9:21, 21:8, 22:15)
  • Occult (Deuteronomy 18:10-12)
Crystal healing should be examined with caution. Any form of healing that contradicts Gods Word is not from Him. Overall, it's important to remember that the evil one comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). However, his real motivation is to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10).

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